Rainy Day Baseball

There are few fans as loyal as Chicago Cubs fans… that loyalty was on display during the rainout game 4 of the Cubs vs Nationals 2017 MLB Playoffs.

Sure, the rainout isn’t stopping most of the fans to return for the rescheduled game the next day – but some fans that attended the game weren’t pleased with how it was handled.

I mean they sucker you in for a few stadium beers, get you all settled in, and then... RAINOUT????

Our very own Tim Leahy was featured on Chicago Tonight talking about his experience during the whole affair:

>>Watch the video and read more about what happened here<<



A dream fulfilled

When you watch the slow motion replay of the final out of the 2016 World Series, the first thing you notice is the smile. 

As MVP-candidate Kris Bryant approaches the ground ball, with the chance to end 108 years of Cubs misery, he can't help but flash a grin bright enough to light all of Chicago. Despite a slip, Bryant gets the ball off cleanly. 

Then, just like that, Chicago had its World Series championship. 

For a couple TicketeStore employees, being in Cleveland (and Los Angeles for the NLCS) to see it live was a satisfying cap on an unreal season. 

The heightened atmosphere at Progressive Field for Game 7 could only be created by a combined 176-year championship drought for the Cubs and Indians. Anxiety was high for both the hometown fans and the thousands of Cubs faithful who made the trip east. Sometimes it was difficult to remember that this was a road game for the Cubs, what with the chants of "Let's Go Cubs!" filling the stadium throughout the game. 

Chicago's faith was rewarded. After some twists, turns and a 17-minute rain delay, the Cubs survived for an 8-7 victory in 10 innings.

As baseball experiences go, it was unforgettable for everyone in the stadium. If you're a sports fan, we at TicketeStore would be thrilled to help you witness your sports dream with great seats. Browse our website or give us a call to get started!

-Sean Leahy



Fan makes amazing catch in Section 12 Rangers seats

Not many people are lucky enough to catch a foul ball at a baseball game. Even fewer are lucky enough to make an all-star catch on TV. 

But that's what Chris and Deana Evenden of Abilene, Texas, got to experience sitting in our front row Texas Rangers seats at the August 12 game against Detroit.

In the bottom of the 5th inning Rangers slugger Adrian Beltre nailed a line-drive down the left field line, heading right toward Section 12. Sitting in the front row, Deana put up her glove and snagged it!

The catch got the attention of the Rangers TV announcers and the Evenden's phones started buzzing as family and friends saw them on television. 

"It was a bucket list experience, honestly," Chris said.

Soon an Abilene, Texas, television station did a story on the catch and their first foul ball was forever immoritalized. 

You can view the KTXS TV story here and the foul ball replay here

Congrats to Chris and Deana on an awesome moment! TicketeStore is happy to help deliver yet another memorable experience for Rangers fans!

-Sean Leahy



TicketeStore's great Section 12 Rangers tickets 

When you want more from your Texas Rangers experience, the Section 12, Row 2 seats are for you.

This pair of seats is unlike any other at Globe Life Park. They are on the front row right on the field, and they are the only two seats in the row. Who needs to worry about having an aisle seat when you have the entire row?

The view of the field is fantastic. You are slightly above field level down the left field line and get a prime, sweeping vista of the field. There's nothing in front of you but green grass and the dirt of the infield. 

And if you like action, this is where you want to be. Section 12 is prime foul ball territory. If one doesn’t come your way on the fly, you can always ask the ball girl for one. She’ll be on the field in front of your seats.

The privacy and exclusivity of these seats make them perfect for a date. It’s like having your own box seats right up against the field! Who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

Over the years we’ve had hundreds of fans tells us great stories about sitting in these seats. From foul balls to player interactions, to dramatic Ranger victories and creating memories with loved ones, the Section 12, Row 2 seats bring your baseball experience to a whole new level. 

Check out our Rangers listings to find these seats and other awesome tickets for games throughout the 2016 season!

-Sean Leahy



TicketeStore supports Military Night

The St. Louis Blues hosted their Military Appreciation Night on Tuesday, November 11, and TicketeStore proudly supported the event with a ticket donation.

Active military and veterans enjoyed a night of Blues hockey with friends and family during this special event. St. Louis fans went home happy after the Blues wiped out Buffalo 6-1.

TicketeStore proudly supports our active and retired military service members and is thrilled to bring Blues hockey to those who give the most to our country.



The price of a free souvenir

The bat seemed harmless enough as it spun in the air toward me. Here it is, I thought, finally my chance to catch a souvenir at a baseball game — and an ALCS game at that. 

It’s something every fan fantasizes about, catching a foul ball or even a stray bat coming into the stands. The cool souvenir comes with the approving applause from everyone seated around you. Heck, you might even get on TV.

That glory was in my mind as Salvador Perez’ bat made its way from home plate to my seat in Dugout Box 122. After twenty years of going to baseball games and catching no foul balls or flying bats, this could be my time.

But upon closer inspection, not so much.

Because once the end with the handle spun my way I noticed a problem: there was no handle. That was still in Perez’ hands, and now I realized there was a jagged piece of wood flying toward my outstretched hand.

Uh oh.

My fortitude was gone in an instant as survival instincts kicked in. I ducked and turned around, waiting for impact. How much is this going to hurt?

Then came a commotion — but no impact. I had been saved a bruise, cut or even worse.

After it all settled down I looked two rows behind to see a lucky Royals fan with the bat. Braver souls than I had gotten their hands on it before it finally came to rest.

My chance at glory was gone.

But the lesson came quickly to me. Even though I wait for the chance to catch a free souvenir at every game I attend, I had never asked myself the most important question: Was I ready to pay the price for it? 

-Sean Leahy



No Yanks, Red Sox gives AL playoffs new look 

You have to go back 20 years to find the last time the Yankees and Red Sox both missed the postseason, but it will happen in 2014. Boston is out of the race and New York’s Wild Card hopes are microscopic.

With those two iconic franchises out of the playoff picture, the door is opened for other American League teams to make rare postseason appearances.

One such team is Baltimore, who on Tuesday clinched its first division title since 1997. A resurgent year from Nelson Cruz (39 HR, 103 RBI as of 9/17) has helped power the Orioles to a postseason birth.

Despite the absence of slugger Chris Davis (suspension), Baltimore’s overall solid lineup and quality bullpen make them a dangerous team in October.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals are locked in a heated battle with Detroit for AL Central supremacy. The Royals, young and talented, are trying to get into the postseason for the first time since winning the World Series in 1985.

Ace starter James Shields has turned in a great year and young flamethrower Yordano Ventura has blown batters away this season with fastballs up to 103 MPH.

With Alex Gordon and All Star Salvador Perez in the lineup, this dynamic team has Kansas City believing that a playoff birth is just ahead.

TicketeStore is your place all postseason long to get great seats to the games everyone is talking about.

-Sean Leahy


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